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New Book Release: "Try Not To Die: Back At Grandma's House"

It's high time this blog gets an update, and what better way to come back than with a new book announcement? I'm thrilled to announce the release of the new horror novella Try Not To Die: Back At Grandma's House, co-authored with Mark Tullius, the mastermind behind the Try Not To Die interactive horror novella series.

Front cover of Try Not To Die: Back At Grandma's House by Mark Tullius and P.W. Feutz

Back At Grandma's House follows the mayhem unleashed at the end of Try Not To Die: At Grandma's House. David and Sam have made it out by the skin of their teeth, their missing brother Tim in tow, and now they need to make their final escape down a mountainside crawling with demonic beasts and sinister villains. It's up to you to decide if they make it or not...

What makes this announcement so exciting is... well, a few things actually.

Firstly, this is the first sequel in the TNTD series. On top of that, it's a sequel to the first book in the series. And on top of that, At Grandma's House is celebrating its 10th anniversary next week!

And that's just the excitement surrounding this particular release. On a more personal level, my co-authorship of this book came as a nice surprise earlier this year. I was already working on a few other projects when Mark approached me to bring this book into home plate. I admit some reluctance at first, purely out of busyness, but after getting to know the characters and seeing what we could add to this story, I couldn't say no. So I buckled down and co-authored the hell out of this thing, and I'm proud of the gnarly, edge-of-your-seat blast of an ending we created for Tim and Sam's story.

More Developments in the Try Not To Die series

Then there's all the other excitement going on in the TNTD series. Try Not To Die: At Ghostland and Try Not To Die: At Dethfest are other recent releases, and there are more (and more!) books in the works as I type. Try Not To Die: In A Dark Fairytale is on deck now.

As for me, I'm currently working on Try Not To Die: At Meadow Spire Mall, which takes the interactive insanity to the echoing corridors of a suburban mall on Valentine's Day, 1998. Any other details I'll keep under wraps, so for now let me just say, holy shnikes, it's fresh.

The Dethfest Confessions anthology is also releasing later this year with my short story Reappraisal, which follows the exploits of Bone Rivet, a metal band caught up in the gory orgy of violence that transpires at Dethfest. This anthology is a big undertaking, and includes a bunch of the best horror authors working today. As in, I'm honored to be sharing space and keep pinching myself every day. I can't say how excited I am to see what everyone has in store.

More news will follow on my contributions to the TNTD series and my standalone works. And for even more updates on the TNTD series and his other books, check out Mark Tullius, too.

You can pick up Try Not To Die: Back At Grandma's House in paperback, ebook, or on Kindle Unlimited today.

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