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Terrify Your Tablet With A Freaky Cult Horror Nightmare

This coming Tuesday, October 31, of the year 2023, that's right, Halloween, I'm taking part in the Terrify Your Tablet event hosted by Horrorsmith Publishing. Over 200 authors have signed on to be a part of this exciting, inaugural, landmark event, and I couldn't be happier to share my work with a wider audience alongside such a number of fantastic authors working in the best genre in the world (maybe even the universe). This is a phenomenal opportunity for readers to discover authors they've never read before, find more from the authors they love, and share the love of horror on the most horror-ific day of the year.

What's Terrify Your Tablet?

Terrify Your Tablet poster for The Sun Is A Circle Meant For Serving by P.W. Feutz

Horrorsmith Publishing has set up Terrify Your Tablet as a way to connect readers to free digital copies of indie horror authors' books on the best day of the year (Halloween). Participating authors will choose select titles from their work and make them free for download on specified digital platforms. The details may vary on how to procure each author's book(s), but the one thing they'll have in common is that they won't cost a thing.

Horrorsmith is cataloging the listings on its website for everyone to browse, so keep an eye on their event page as the days tick down. I've seen the activity occurring on the authors' side of things, and believe me when I say you'll be blown away by the quality and quantity of all involved.

A Cult Horror Nightmare for Your Halloween Night Reading Pleasure

I'll be offering my cult horror novella The Sun Is A Circle Meant For Serving on Amazon Kindle free of charge on Halloween. Praised as "quintessential cult horror" and "a worship of cosmic despair," the story follows Katrin, a burnt-out filmmaker, stuck working on a true crime doc about a cult she doesn't actually think has commit any crimes. When she lets down her guard and spends the weekend with them, she'll uncover the horrific truth lurking under their seemingly innocent facade.

Mark your calendars, set your watches, and watch the stars, because there's a bevy of excellent horror writing coming your way. Once again, you can find The Sun Is A Circle Meant For Serving on Amazon Kindle for free this Halloween. On top of that, it's available on Kindle Unlimited for you folks who subscribe.

I wish you the best as you peruse Terrify Your Tablet in the next few days. May you find exactly what you're looking for, or exactly what you didn't know you needed! And if it just so happens to be a fast-paced descent into the horrors of a demented cult, well, that'd just make my day.


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