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"The Sun Is A Circle Meant For Serving," A New Horror Novella by P.W. Feutz

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Hello, fans of horror fiction and those who stumbled onto this intro blog post by accident. You might even be both of those things. Or none. Be what you will! In any case, before you go, know that there's a new book out there with your name on it! Well, my name's on it, but it's for you to read. And it's called...The Sun Is A Circle Meant For Serving, which might be a mouthful, but it just contrasts so well with its zippy novella length.

Front cover of horror novella "The Sun Is A Circle Meant For Serving"

It's got California cults. It's got burnt-out twenty-somethings with massive chips on their shoulders and dreams too big to handle. It's got mystery and danger and maybe some supernatural stuff. And it's got some pretty killer cover art, if I do say so myself.

That's all I have to say right now. I'm outta time and you deserve some better reading than a random blog post. So, hello again! I'm P.W. Feutz, I write horror, and I'm gonna keep writing it, and you can come along for the ride starting right here.

Pick up a copy of The Sun Is A Circle Meant For Serving in paperback, ebook, or on Kindle Unlimited.

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